Pan Union Company Limited (“Pan Union”) established in Hong Kong since 1977, is operating diverse business engaged in liquid chemical storage and distribution such as sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid, and also steam coal supply, medical accessories, specialty materials, agro business of natural rubber and phosphate fertilizers, sales of deformed steel bars.  Pan Union has also invested in ship repair and conversion industry, and also ship recycling project.

Pan Union’s business operation was commenced as the major trading entity representing our Group, Pan Union International Ltd. In terms of management, finance, administration as well as business operation, Pan Union is an independent entity.  However, we still maintain a healthy financial structure and steady business strategy for mutual substantial development.

We will continue our effort to develop and retain our business growth as well as being your partner of choice based on our mutual benefits.  We are looking forward to seeing your sustainable and valuable support and cooperation.


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1. Coal Mining
2. Natural Rubber

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Tel : 852-21655853
Fax: 852-21655898

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